sqoop hadoop

sqoop:Retrieving Data From RDBMSs.
Sqoop: SQL to Hadoop.
Extracts data from RDBMSs and inserts it into HDFS

 --Also works the other way around
Command-line tool which works with any RDBMS
 --Optimizations available for some specific RDBMSs
Generates Writeable classes for use in MapReduce jobs.
Developed at Cloudera, released as Open Source
    --Now an Apache Incubator project
Sqoop: Custom Connectors
Cloudera has partnered with other vendors and developers to develop connectors between their applications and HDFS
  1. MySQL
  2. Postgres
  3. Netezza
  4. Teradata
  5. Oracle (partnered with Quest Software)
These connectors are made freely available as they are released
 --Not open-source, but free to use
 --Support is available as part of Cloudera Enterprise

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