sql project | dbms project topics | DBMS management mini project

  1. Development of an Online Course Portal for a campus  Dbms Project
  2. Real estate management system  
  3. Song/Video Scheduling Software
  4. Airline Reservation System
  5. Employee Management System
  6. University Management System
  7. Messaging Software
  8. Computer Shoppe Management System
  9. Airline Reservation System
  10. Railway Reservation System 
  11. College Database Project
  12. Railway database management system project
  13. Library Management Database Project
  14. Payroll Database management system project
  15. Health Care Organization
  17. Blood Donation System Database Project
  18. Art Gallery Database Project
  19. Hotel Management System Dbms Project
  20. School Management System Dbms Project
  21. DBMS for football tournament or any other sports
  22. Book Bank Management System
  23. Rental Shop Management System
  24. Automated Electricity bill generation
  25. Citizen Management System
  26. Any product’s shop management system
  27. Mall Management System
  28. Music/ Video Rental System or book/any product’s rental system
  29. Project Management System
  30. Teacher Monitoring System
  31. University Time-table generation System
  32. Gym Management System29. Movie ticket booking system (distributed database)
  33. Facebook/Orkut (single computer based)
  34. Virtual implementation of YouTube
  35. Computer Troubleshooting Intelligent System Dbms Project
  36. ATM Reporting system Dbms Project
  37. Orkut Java  Dbms Project
  38. Ant Colony Optimization Technique For Manets  Dbms Project
  39. Image Steganography Dbms Project
  40. J3ME and Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Based Full Duplex Automation System  Dbms Project
  41. DEMOS Online Quiz  Dbms Project
  42. Query Processing in Global Information Systems Dbms Project
  43. A Conceptual Graph Approach to Support Multiperspective Development Environments Dbms Project
  44. Congestion control in ATM-based Broadband ISDNs  Dbms Project
  45. Collaboration Server Dbms Project
  46. Web based Applications for Insurance Services Dbms Project
  47. Virtual Class Rooms Dbms Project
  48. Audio Manager Dbms Project
  49. Secure Group Communication Dbms Project
  50. Low Cost Wireless Internet Dbms Project
  51. Comparison & Simulation of Different Queuing Models Dbms Project
  52. Employee Tracking System Dbms Project
  53. Empirical Model of HTTP Network Traffic Dbms Project
  54. Crypto Acceleration Using Asynchronous FPGAs Dbms Project
  55. Electronic Mail Server Dbms Project
  56. SUDOKU Dbms Project
  57. Bluetooth Home Automation Dbms Project
  58. Chat Server Dbms Project
  59. Virtual Shopping Dbms Project
  60. BLUETOOTH HOTSPOT Dbms Project
  61. Threshold-Multisignature in Distributed System Dbms Project
  62. Trackerz Dbms Project
  63. UA Portal Dbms Project
  64. Survey Logics Dbms Project
  65. Mingle Box Dbms Project
  66. Telephone Billing System Dbms Project
  67. Vehicle Management System Dbms Project
  68. Universal Web Based File Coordinator Dbms Project
  69. Value card - Smart card based Loyalty Dbms Project
  70. Web Enabled Interactive, Dynamic And Authenticated Work Order System Dbms Project
  71. Student Attendance Management System Dbms Project
  72. Training & Placement Cell Management Dbms Project
  73. Trade Service Engine Dbms Project
  74. Online Bus Reservation Dbms Project
  75. Implementation Of a Mini Search Engine Dbms Project
  76. Implementation of Security in WAN Dbms Project
  77. Securable Network in Three-Party Protocols Dbms Project
  78. Web Mining Dbms Project
  79. Security System For DNS Using Cryptography Dbms Project
  80. Student Information System Dbms Project
  81. Generic SQL Explorer Dbms Project
  82. E-Mail Campaign System Dbms Project
  83. Log Reader Based Code Analyzer Dbms Project
  84. Partial Face Recognition Using Core features Of The Face Dbms Project
  85. Multi-Tasking Sockets Dbms Project
  86. Bank Management System Dbms Project
  87. Hospital Management System Dbms Project
  88. Insurance Database Dbms Project
  89. Sliding Window Protocol Dbms Project
  90. File Compression Dbms Project
  91. Device Switching Using PC's Parallel Port Dbms Project
  92. Enhancing an Application Server to Support Available Components Dbms Project
  93. Bluetooth Dbms Project
  94. Dynamic Flash Interface Dbms Project
  95. Face Recognition in e-attendance Dbms Project
  96. Customer Complaint Report Software Dbms Project
  97. Implementation of OSPF on IPV6 Dbms Project
  98. Accelerating Ranking System Using Webgraph Dbms Project
  99. Pro-net Communication Dbms Project
  100. Chat Server and Client Application Dbms Project
  101. An Intelligent Eye Dbms Project
  102. Result Alert System With E-mail and SMS Dbms Project
  103. Railway Route Optimization System Dbms Project
  104. Online Examination System Dbms Project
  105. Face Detection Using Epitomic Analysis Dbms Project
  106. Implementation of Software Management and Maintenance Dbms Project
  107. Portable Media Player Dbms Project
  108. Bug Tracking System Dbms Project
  109. Rich Internet Application for Weekly Automatic College Timetable Generation Dbms Project
  110. Design And Analysis Of Sense Amplifier Dbms Project
  111. Cold Boot Attack Dbms Project
  112. XML Enabled Wrapper Construction Dbms Project
  113. Digital Diary Dbms Project
  114. Intruder Detection System Over Abnormal Internet Sequence Dbms Project
  115. Digital System Architecture Dbms Project
  116. ER Diagram Maker Dbms Project
  117. Early Congestion Indication Dbms Project
  118. SMTP Mail Server Dbms Project
  119. Support Vector Machines For Face Recognition Dbms Project
  120. Inventory Management System Dbms Project
  121. Creepy Crawler System Dbms Project
  122. Bandwidth-Allocation-for-Distributed-Algorithm Dbms Project
  123. Network Monitoring for Remote Task Executor Dbms Project
  124. GPS Rover Dbms Project

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