Online voting system project | Election commision of india

Election commision of india | E-voting system


2. Feasibility Study
3. Data Table
4. Data Flow Diagram
5. Entity Relationship Diagram
6. Screen Shots Of Form
7. Future Scope
8. Conclusion



•The Software is for online Election process.


•Can enter the details related to the particular voter, center associated with and can also retrieve the information related to the voter.

Voter Can only read the various reports and can only get information about the vote casting.

Admin Can read & write information about any center and can create update ,delete center as per the requirement. 

 Technologies to be used:-
1.Database Design (My SQL)
2.Form Design and coloring,style (HTML 5.0 and CSS)
3.Coding (PHP)
4.Testing (XAMPP SERVER)
5.Reporting Tool (Data Report)
•This Software is developed with
Front End:- HTML
Back End:- Structured Query Language(SQL) 

•Voter does not have right to cast the vote at home.
•Only administrator has the right to register the voter.
•This project is only implemented in our country for the Parliament election as well as for the Assembly election and presidential election. 

System Requirements
•Minimum RAM - 500 MB
•Hard Disk - 50 GB
•Processor - Intel Pentium
•Operating System – Window 8/window 7
•Text editor
Software interface:
• Client on Internet: Web Browser, Operating System (Windows). Client on intranet: Client Software, Web Browser, operating System (Windows).


Traditional voting system
• inefficient
•Takes time and human resources.
•Does not give an instant Poll result.
•Hard to track who voted and who don’t

Disadvantages of the Traditional voting System
•The voter has to cast the vote only at the particular center which He/She has assigned According to their area.
•Booth capturing will be happened in this System.
•Transportation charges will be high.
•Time consuming process.
•There is no security because of Fake votes. 

Proposed System
• It is a web enabled application So that user can cast the vote from any center
•Result Processing time will be reduced
•It reduces the time for manual errors and there corrections
•Highly secured system , Easy user interface and timeliness
•Booth capturing would be stopped
•Transportation charges will be reduced
• It requires less Man power 

Economical Feasibility
•The cost required in the proposed system is comparatively less to the existing system.

Technical Feasibility
•This project is technical feasible as required software’s are easily available with our team.

Behavioral Feasibility
•In the existing system the number of staff required for completing the work is more while the new system will requirequite less number of staff. 


Voter table

Candidate Table

Login Table


0 –Level Data Flow Diagram




•This application can be easily implemented under various situations. We can add new features as and when we require.


1.Extensibility:- This software is extendable. The following principles enhance extensibility like hide data structure, avoid case statements on object type.

2. Reusability:- Reusability is possible as and when require in this application. We can update it next version. Reusable software reduces design, coding and testing cost .

3. Understandability:- A method is understandable if someone other than the creator of the method can understand the code.
4. Cost-effectiveness:- Its cost is under the budget and make within given time period.and desirable.


This Online Voting system will manage the Voter’s information by which voter can login and use his voting rights. Its provide the tools for maintaining voter’s vote to every party and it count total no. of votes of every party.There is a DATABASE which is maintained by the ELECTION COMMISION OF INDIA in which all the names of voter with complete information is stored.In this user who is above 18 year’s register his/her information on the database and when he/she want to vote he/she has to login by his id and password and can vote to any party only single time. Voting detail store in database and the result is displayed by calculation. By online voting system percentage of voting is increases. It decreases the cost and time of voting process. It is very easy to use and It is vary less time consuming. It is very easy to debug.

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