Java history and introduction

A complete programming language developed by Sun
– Can be used to develop either web based or
stand-alone software
– Many pre-created code libraries available
– For more complex and powerful programs

• Revolution of computers with the invention of
     •Microprocessor -> Intelligent Consumer Electronics
• Sun Microsystems -> internal research project

– investigate opportunity of microcontrollers
– Result: “Oak
• Rumor: There was a Oak tree in front of “Green”
project lab
– Key person: James Gosling
• The name was already taken
– By Oak Technologies
• “Green” team came up with new name Java  

•The concept of intelligent devices didn’t catch
• Project “Green” and work on the Java language
was nearly canceled.

• The popularity of the Internet resulted in Sun’s
re-focusing of Java on computers
• Prior to the advent of Java, web pages allowed
you to download only text and images.
Java enabled web browsers allowed for the
downloading of programs (Applets).

• Java is still used in this context today:
Facebook (older version)
Hotmail (older version)
• Almost all the telecommunication devices run
on Java

Very Brief History
• Started in 1991 by SUN Microsystems
• Targeted at consumer electronics. Wanted
reliable programming language.
• Integrated into browsers
• Evolved into write once run anywhere,
integrates into Netscape
• General purpose libraries released

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